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Bob Hammel

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“Keystone Dedicated Logistics solutions are all-encompassing spanning from parcel to full truckload freight, domestic to international, transactional shipping services to strategic freight management”

Although the logistics arena is witnessing the massive transformation, the shippers are still subjected to various challenges including rising costs, shipment visibility and system integrations. Keystone Dedicated Logistics helps companies better manage freight by simplifying the complexities and inefficiencies of shipping leveraging proprietary technologies, carrier network and a team of logistics professionals. Keystone Dedicated Logistics transportation programs provide businesses improved supply chain practices, freight savings, visibility and ultimately a significant and ongoing Return-On-Investment.

Founded in 1999, Keystone Dedicated Logistics is chaired by Bob Hammel who previously started Pitt-Ohio Express with his two brothers in 1979 and operated through 2003. Keystone Dedicated Logistics’ lineage in transportation spans back to 1919 when Hammel’s Express was started by Charles Hammel.  Keystone Dedicated Logistics has since amassed a team of highly talented and committed individuals that provide the customers’ excellence in freight transportation services and logistics management.

Keystone Dedicated Logistics understand that companies are unique with different challenges and preferences for managing transportation, hence the goal of Keystone Dedicated Logistics is to provide capacity, simplify the processes and save customer’s money. Keystone Dedicated Logistics solutions are all-encompassing spanning from parcel to full truckload freight, domestic to international, transactional shipping services to strategic freight management. Keystone Dedicated Logistics have varying technologies based on company size, complexities and supply chain goals and offer both basic and robust account management.

Keystone Dedicated Logistics’ freight programs start with engagement between the two companies to understand the unique challenges and requirements of the customer’s business faces and how that relates to logistics management needs. The Keystone Dedicated Logistics teams work in partnership to develop a strategy and then deliver on that plan while measuring performance, and the programs range from customer-driven solutions to full outsource transportation management. Keystone Dedicated Logistics’ non-invasive auditing service validates over 50+ items and charges including duplicate billings, late, damaged or lost shipments, manifest errors, rate and fuel variances, dimensional weight verifications and inactive accounts.

Keystone Dedicated Logistics empowers client’s team with transportation software that puts them in control and simplifies the process of making the best shipping decisions. The customers can move away from paper routing guides, three quote policies, websites and phone calls to manage transportation.  With Keystone Dedicated Logistics’ TMS, their customers are able to instantly rate shop their entire freight program from one source to select the best carrier and schedule the shipment. Keystone Dedicated Logistics TMS neutralizes complexities businesses face by controlling factors that increase freight costs outside of having good rates and picking the right carrier. Their technology ensures the client’s team correctly identifies NMFTA freight classifications including the increasing number of products classifying as contingent on density or density based. Keystone Dedicated Logistics TMS can be deployed with minimal or no capital investment with versions for companies desiring basic packages to those aspiring for more complex multi-facility planning, order consolidation and shipment optimization.

With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Keystone Dedicated Logistics is offering customers proprietary cloud-based TMS layers the latest web services (API) technologies with traditional EDI connectivity to create the industry’s most powerful yet simple transportation solution. Keystone Dedicated Logistics aims at enhancing their products and services for the road ahead and incorporate the latest technological innovation in the best way possible to offer the customers the most out-of-the-box solutions a bit about how to run an effective rail transportation program. The company has a set of protocols and operating procedures in every area of their business – from tracking to fleet maintenance to software development and network support. Many of these practices come from industry models, some from the leadership of their customers, and some from a recipe of common sense and trial and error that have allowed QTS to stay flexible in an ever-changing business environment.