AI for Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Shelly Freeman
Shelly Freeman, COO


Boldiq Logo“Without artificially limiting the complexity of operational schedule, BoldIQ’s Solver incorporates all relevant business rules, constraints, and goals in real-time to support optimal utilization and enable seamless scalability across mission-critical personnel and physical assets.”

The increasing complexity of operations, including growing amounts of data, the need for more flexibility and faster response times, and the unpredictability of customer and environmental factors make real-time operational scheduling and planning very challenging.

BoldIQ provides organizations with state-of-the-art AI to operate at greater utilization and maximum efficiency in real-time so that they can grow, be profitable and scale to keep pace with disruption and increasing customer demand. Programmed by expert Operations Research scientists and powered by operational AI, BoldIQ’s Solver’s advanced planning and scheduling platform optimize plans and schedules in real-time and on-demand for aviation, logistics and other complex services and industries. Without artificially limiting the complexity of the schedule, or merely visualizing it, Solver incorporates all relevant business rules, constraints, and goals to support optimal utilization and enable seamless scalability across mission-critical personnel and physical assets.

BoldIQ follows a unique approach to advanced planning and scheduling mitigates disruptions and human errors while maintaining compliance requirements, demand goals and operational efficiencies that drive growth and profitability. BoldIQ provides on-demand scheduling in real-time at a large scale for dynamic customers whose complex operations change on a daily basis. Solver creates actionable plans in real-time for optimal resource utilization and disruption recovery. Solver continuously considers all aspects of the operation including demand, resources, financials, objectives, business rules and regulations to produce feasible and optimal solutions.

BoldIQ provides an immediate ROI for their customers. Using Solver, BoldIQ’s customers experience on average a 30 percent increase in resource utilization, 25 percent reduction in operating costs, 10-15 percent improvement in order fulfillment and a 20 percent increase in profitability.

For aviation and logistics service providers, Solver reduces operational costs, uncovers previously hidden revenue, and improves the customer experience. Critically, Solver delivers actionable schedules in real-time, permitting quicker, easier and less expensive recovery from delays and disruptions. Solver’s AI optimized scheduling software is delivered through industry solutions for advanced planning and scheduling in aviation, logistics and other complex services and industries. To provide real-time schedules, Solver instantly takes people, physical assets, current demand, resources, costs, constraints, and rules into full account. Our customers tell us it helps free up capacity for growth, reduces operating costs, and improves customer response times.

Built on a strong foundation of Operations Research science and operational AI, BoldIQ’s Solver deliver safe, quick and cost-effective technology for true on-demand scheduling for operations at scale. They offer a cloud-based, dynamic real-time optimization solution that is:

  • Holistic – BoldIQ takes into account the entire value chain; real-world constraints and rules; multi-objective
  • Real-Time – BoldIQ does in milliseconds and seconds what others do in hours and days.
  • Fully Automated – They enable more results and better decisions with fewer people.
  • Actionable – BoldIQ creates plans that can be implemented immediately
  • Scalable and Adaptable – They enable growth horizontally and vertically
  • Customized – BoldIQ customizes according to their customers’ business environment, rules, and processes.

The company’s dynamic solution allows customers to decide what constraints and rules to apply to their schedules and disruption recovery solutions in real-time allowing them to easily make changes to adapt to real-world problems, including the challenges of COVID 19. In a comparison of one of their aviation clients 5-day schedules (that they had previously flow) to the results produced by Solver they were able to show 15 percent increase in the number of revenue legs flow, 6 percent increase in the utilization of crew/airplanes, 100 percent reduction in the need to broker flights to another operator to fulfill their demand, and annualized savings were greater than $97M. In a 180- day production trial with one of the largest US retail companies the company was able to decrease their service windows from 4 hours to 2 hours, increase their response times from 2 weeks to 3 days, increase utilization of their 6,500 technicians by 30 percent, improve drive time by 10 percent, significantly reducing operating costs, and improve capacity (more jobs served daily) by 55 percent.

BoldIQ will continue to focus on their core products Dynamic Scheduling and Optimization, Real-Time Disruption Recovery, and Day off Operations support including instant availability checks to fulfill new demand and disruption recovery – resource disruption or environmental disruptions, along with Long Term Planning – predictive schedule and “what if” scenarios. “We will continue to grow aviation while also focusing on new markets, specifically logistics and field services,” says Shelly Freeman COO  of BoldIQ. “We will also continue to develop integrations that allow for rapid deployments in multiple industries.”