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Ramesh Bulusu
Ramesh Bulusu, CEO

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“At MyUS, we strive to continually innovate and reimagine existing processes in order to make the international shopping experience as consumer-friendly as possible.”

Logistics companies are facing new challenges due to a surge in U.S. e-commerce volume. At the same time, new global restrictions and operational challenges have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Assisting retailers in navigating these obstacles, is MyUS.

Consumers and partners worldwide have trusted MyUS to provide a simple, reliable way to shop online and ship purchases worldwide for more than 20 years. As the first and largest company in its industry, MyUS has the resources, expertise, customer service dedication, and global experience to make shopping and shipping from the U.S. consistently fast and affordable.

MyUS was first established as a means for expatriates to receive U.S. catalogs and mail overseas, but this simple idea flourished and quickly grew into a pioneering global company that opened U.S. retail channels to international shoppers.

Today, MyUS delivers a streamlined and cost-effective shipping process with complete online account management directly to consumers through a membership-based service model, as well as to partners through white label and direct retailer programs. MyUS receives and ships more than three million eCommerce purchases annually, to more than five million members in 220 countries and territories, with hundreds of new members joining every day.

MyUS’ growth has culminated in its position as an industry leader in navigating complex international shipping processes. They have been able to achieve this status by consistently launching new products and reinventing their current processes, setting them apart as an innovator in cross-border shipping. With multiple direct to consumer membership offerings, white label and retailer partnerships, the ability to shop directly from their mobile app or websites, and online account management, MyUS customers have access to anything they want from the U.S.

MyUS offers these services to consumers directly through a membership-based model, but also partners with companies around the globe to deliver white label services to postal companies and retailers. One example of these partnerships is that of a white label partner who employed MyUS services to develop an eCommerce solution, which enabled their local consumers to shop online using a unique U.S. shipping address. The client wanted to incorporate the specialized services provided by MyUS, so that their customers could shop U.S. stores online, get delivery through this white label partner, and have their items delivered directly to their doorstep.

In this example, as with other similar partnerships, the MyUS tech team supports partners each step of the way by making integration easy. MyUS offers a solution that hosts, develops and maintains an integrated website for the partner. Other partnership benefits include scaling based on business demand and service expectations, development of the product so that it is localized to a partner’s specific market (including local languages, customer service, and payment options). MyUS takes care of the tech solution powering the partnership model and all U.S. operations so that partners can focus on marketing their services and ensuring prompt last-mile delivery.

MyUS consistently works to innovate for their consumer-members, and within partnerships like that described above, but also strives to ensure they can handle any unforeseen challenges that arise in the industry–like those unexpectedly presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEO Ramesh Bulusu says MyUS’ main concern in the face of the global pandemic has been to ensure the safety and health of employees and customers. To achieve this, Bulusu worked directly with leadership and operations teams to ensure a safe working environment as the effects of the virus began to take hold. This was achieved through many changes, including shifting working hours, mandatory face masks, limited mobility practices, increased cleaning and sanitation, daily employee health checks, activating work-from-home policies, and rescheduling non-essential travel and events, among others.

To ensure customer needs are met in a safe and timely manner despite these environmental changes, Bulusu asked teams to implement automation to speed processing times, and empowered leadership at all levels to streamline and update processes they identified as inefficient. He has also encouraged Product and I.T. teams to innovate in the company’s member-facing account system, allowing customers more insight into their membership information, and simplifying how they could share important order information with MyUS.

As demands for services and the need for safety precautions shift and change in the days to come, MyUS will continue to strive for innovation. To ensure they maintain their position as a leader in the cross-border eCommerce industry, MyUS will keep up its focus on continual transformation in their new products, partnerships, and existing processes.

“MyUS plans to grow its presence worldwide by providing access to additional markets through a number of white label and retailer partnerships,” Bulusu said. “We will continue improving our current product offerings, and will work to create new ways for consumers around the globe to connect with U.S. retailers and our partners, in an effort to continue making the international shopping process as smooth and customer-friendly as possible.”